Do you know what it feels like you have a passion for something or someone and you feel crazy energy all over your body?




Hi :) my name is Shani and I am a photographer based in Tel- Aviv, living the moment and loves to capture small &big moments and to transmit through my camera lens - right into your heart. i believe that people and places are the core of inspiration.

After we met a bit, I can tell you a little more about myself :)

What fills me most in photographic work is to find the most sincere and true moments, and to perpetuate them as full of movement and emotion in a still picture.


my documentary-style approach that combines sincerity and authenticity with art in the exact context,  and for me - i get a new view from my 'office window'  and each photo shooting is special and unique thanks to you and to our special connection, this is how we'' create your story.

Every morning I get up with a smile (well, not every day, but 98% of the time!) And with fresh energies to create memories and to capture special moments - they're everywhere!  


I'll be happy to meet you and provide you with a precise and correct photo service for your needs with understanding and love.

So hey, nice to meet .. Let's talk


עבורי כל יום צילום הוא מסע חדש, שונה ומרגש בו אני משלבת גישה דוקומנטרית, אותנטית ואמנותית, מלווה באנרגיה שמחה ואווירה נעימה

"Photography is a love affair with life"


(: Hey - Let's talk

Thanks! We'll talk soon :) | 97254-9080777

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